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Montag, 10. November 2014

Statement of Solidarity

We send you, brothers and sisters of striking GDL, our heartfelt greetings from Japanese railway workers.

We fully support you for your militant strike against the “Tarifeinheit” and also for wage raising and shorter working time.

Our annual nation-wide workers’ rallies in Tokyo in 2 and 3 November were successfully carried out with 5700 participants. We declared there a resolute struggle against the Abe administration with his war drive and privatization policy. A lot of young workers raised their angry voices against casualization.

Militant workers from Korea (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions), USA (United Teachers of Los Angeles) and also Germany joined the rallies.

Doro-Chiba has been achieving a new stage of national railway struggle in organizing railway workers to reach a hand to casual workers.

Let’s fight together for the revival of class struggle labor movement against neo-liberalism and imperialist war!

International solidarity!

02.11.2014 - Tokio

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